Support Groups

Many people feel daunted by the idea of joining a support group at first, but most find a therapeutic group experience helpful. Support groups help you feel less alone as you relate with the others who struggle with similar problems. It is also a great space for learning practical tools for coping with day-to-day challenges.

Support Group for Trauma and PTSD

This group provides support and a welcoming space for people who have experienced traumatic events. Trauma often leads to feelings of alienation and isolation. Here you will find opportunities to share or to just listen, if you prefer, and connect with others who have also had scarring experiences. You will also learn practical strategies that will help you cope more effectively with anxiety and depression.

Support Group for Alcohol and Drug Use

This is a support group for people who want to change their substance use whether it is abstaining completely, moderating, or reducing. The focus is on both getting support from people overcoming similar problems as well as learning new skills for managing triggers, cravings, and ambivalence. In this group, you will encounter a non-judgmental environment and learn practical tools to cope effectively and meet your goals.